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Blue Wings Group Wood Duck Boxes

Father & Son Building Wood Duck Box

Blue Wings Hunt 2012

Blue Wings Youth

“Preserving Our Christian And Waterfowling Heritage”

The Christian Waterfowlers Association introduces the new name and logo for our youth.  Blue Wings, named after the Blue Winged Teal duck is the new name of CWA youth ages 17 and under.  “Young Ducks” is the name for all youth ages 11 and under.  Introducing our youth to Christ and waterfowling is the key to preserving our Christian, waterfowling heritage.  Future programs for CWA Blue Wings youth will include youth hunts, youth hunter education classes, conservation, restoration, waterfowl management & more.   The Blue Wings Youth allows young waterfowlers the chance to support the mission and programs of  the Christian Waterfowlers Association and contribute in their own way to the future of waterfowl and waterfowl hunting.   

Join us in preserving our Christian, waterfowling heritage.